Monday, February 6, 2012


Today I am thankful for my new job! I got hired on at Zane's school as a part time playground supervisor today! I will be working two hours each day supervising kids at lunch and recess after lunch. I am so excited!! My goal is to work in the school district full time once Claire starts kindergarten, so this is a great step in the right direction.
God is so faithful to provide for us if we just give our lives to him and trust in his timing. This job has God written all over it! This month is the last month I will receive alimony from my divorce so my finances were about to drop some. This position will not only make up for that but it will provide more than the amount I received each month in alimony. I was prepared for the drop in income thanks to a great budgeting system I worked out in October, but to know I don't have to make extra sacrifices or worry about them is a huge relief. I have put a lot of prayer into this situation and worked with what I have been given. Having my prayers answered isn't new, but it's so humbling and wonderful every single time it happens. We serve a mighty God who just loves on us! What more could we ask for?!

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