Friday, February 3, 2012


It's been a few days. How does time go so fast? Seriously?! Ok here goes.
I am thankful for new friendships that I can see forming. I am so encouraged!
I am thankful for school when both kids go the same day. It's nice to have some time without them...even if it is just grocery shopping.
I am thankful for my friend Randi. I love that I have a friend who is as close to me as my own sister. I'm always so thankful that we have a solid connection that has lasted us 12 years and is still going strong.
That being said, I'm also thankful for my sister. We talk (a lot) every day and I hate the days we don't get the chance to text or call. God blessed us so much when He brought her into our family.
Did I mention that I am reading through the Bible this year? Well, I am. I am really enjoying it! I thought I would be more interested in the New Testament but I am really into the Old Testament. I am almost through Genesis and have really enjoyed it. Reading the stories I grew up hearing the shortened versions of has been really enlightening. On the other side of it, Acts is totally confusing me. I have to read carefully because I get confused about who is going where and what people they are seeing, etc. I'm learning a lot though and I really like the plan I chose. I am using The Discipleship Journal plan and it looks like you can visit their website to subscribe. I got a printout at church.

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