Friday, March 23, 2012

Weather and things

We have had some crazy weather this week and I'm thankful we are (hopefully) through that. We have had temps in the 60's and all the way down in the 30's as well as sun, rain, snow and wind.
So, today I'm thankful that we are heading into spring. The warmer temps have gotten us all excited to be outside more and be more active.
I'm also thankful for the neighborhood we live in. My kids can go outside and play without us worrying about their safety. Our neighborhood is also perfect for "adventure" walks through the orchards.
I'm so thankful for my kids discovering their independence more each day. Mostly, I'm happy they go outside on their own now and don't freak out when I'm not out there with them.
I'm also thankful for new and exciting opportunities for my kids. Today is the first time Zane is bringing a friend home from school to play. He is so excited and I'm excited for him. He is getting so big!

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