Saturday, March 17, 2012


The last half of this week got away from me! Time to catch up a few days here.
I'm thankful for spring cleaning. I finally got my new desk organized and packed full of all my office type stuff. I also have been throwing stuff out from all over that is just cluttering up our spaces. Feels so good to be getting cleaned and organized!
I'm so thankful for a good nights sleep. This week was different thanks to the time change last weekend. I actually had to go wake up my usually early risers so they had time to wake up and eat before heading to school.
I'm thankful for the opportunities to be with my kids while they are at school, whether it's when I'm at work or when I volunteer in their classrooms. I always enjoy myself and I look forward to the days I get to help.
I'm thankful for a day out with a good friend and without kids. Today was a refreshing and relaxing day. Shopping, lunch and good conversation...yes please!

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