Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I love my life. I'm thankful I have been given this life to live. It such a broad topic and I could elaborate a hundred different ways but I'm going to just say I love it all.
On a more specific note, I'm also thankful for the changes I have made over the past ten months or so. I feel like I have finally come into my own on many different levels. I've figured out how to juggle many things as a single mom, I've successfully worked out my personalized budget and no longer have monetary concerns, I got a job I love that is perfect for me and also for my family, I have grown as a parent in the ways I interact with my kids or discipline them, I have grown in my relationship with Jesus in a deeper and more moving way, and I have really just felt more like an adult. That sounds funny but it's true.
In light of the beautiful weather we have had this weekend and start of the week, I'm thankful for lots of outside time for the kids and the opportunities we have to go on walks and just enjoy our yard.

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