Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today I'm thankful I was able to see a doctor and get a antibiotic shot to kill this sinusitis I have. It's lingered for nearly three weeks. I should have gone in before today but at least I did go. I'm already feeling a lessening in pressure and pain which is why I prefer to get a shot of rocephin instead of get oral antibiotics.
In other news, my son got two awards at his assembly today! I was hoping to be there to see him get his awards but I didn't know the assembly was today. I'm so sad :( He got a certificate for knowing all his ABC's and one for counting to 100. Big time stuff :) Truthfully, he has known his ABC's for awhile but didn't get his certificate until today. Not only do they have to know them before they get their certificate, they have to also know all the long and short sounds and all the vowel sounds. So it's a little tricky. I'm proud of him for getting his awards! Such a smart little man!
And- my kids are goobers. :D

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