Thursday, April 19, 2012

My son

I'm so lucky to be Zane's mom. Sure, he is becoming an independent, strong willed, sometimes mouthy little man but he is still my baby.
I cannot get over how smart he is. The boy amazes me everyday. I love his smile and his goofy laugh. I especially love how thoughtful and caring he is. My favorite thing he does is when I read the kids their bedtime stories, he puts his arm around my shoulder and neck and plays with my hair.
Over the last year and a half or so he has become my protector, it is so precious to see him get protective or defensive of me. He is only almost 6, I cannot imagine how he will be in ten years. He and I have such a strong bond that will only keep growing.
I thank God for him everyday. He is one of the two most precious gifts I have ever been given. Why does time have to go so fast? I want to bottle him up, at this age, and keep him forever. I love watching him grow and change but I sure do love him just like this. My little Zaney boy.
*we pulled his top tooth out tonight and he is even cuter now that both front top teeth are gone. Hehe

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