Friday, June 1, 2012


When I get behind, I really do it right! 5 days since my last post?! Yikes! Time for some catching up!
The days have been so great and so full of fun, I don't know where to start. So I guess I will say I'm thankful for the time the kids and I have spent just being together, playing together and hanging out. We have done a little of everything this week- shopped, went to dinner, watched movies, planted some flowers, played outside, read some good books, and laughed a lot. The weather has been beautiful and we have all been taking advantage of it.
The weather- I'm thankful for it. The days of the kids playing from morning to night are here and it rocks! They have so much fun and get so worn out! I have had some great sleepers this week! Yay!!
I'm also thankful for some heart changes I have had the past couple of weeks. I'm moving in a new direction in disciplining my kids and also in just general kid to mom relationship stuff. God has definitely answered my prayers yet again and has guided me to the new choices I'm making. It's wonderful to see positive changes in both myself and the kids and I'm only getting started. I am looking forward to learning new things that will help me be the best mom I can be.
This week has been full of activities and I am looking back wondering how I managed to do everything and then some. So thankful for the energy I had this week! Being a mom, single or not, is a crazy whirlwind sometimes. I love it, though! That being said, I'm so looking forward to summer break. Less driving, less rushing, and less scheduling!
On a final note of thankful we have only 10 school days left!! Yay!!! It's so close and we are all feeling it- at home and at work. Boy, those kids get all riled up and crazy towards the end of the year! It's still good though. :) 10 more days....

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