Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Vacation!!

We are officially on summer vacation! Well, except Claire...she has class two days a week until the end of July. It's so weird. But, Zane and I can enjoy our time off now! Today was such a fun, happy, exciting, sad and tiring day! The day was filled with lots of hugs from kids on the playground and tears as I said goodbye to Zane's wonderful teacher. It was also filled with excitement and wonder about what next year will hold for Zane. He can hardly wait for first grade to start! I had to show him on his calendar how long it's going to be. Good thing we have plenty to keep us busy this summer!! I'm thankful that Zane loves school and does very well there. He is such a smart boy. I'm thankful that I have a job that allows me to see him everyday and also to get to know the teachers. :)
My favorite part of today happened just a few minutes ago when I was tucking the kids in bed and saying our prayers. Zane said, "Mom, the whole time I was in kindergarten I was like a caterpillar. Now that I'm done with kindergarten and going to first grade, I'm like a butterfly." So true, Zane. I cannot imagine a sweeter way to end the day than that.
Please enjoy the picture of my big first grade boy. :)

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