Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We had a crazy few days of HOT temperatures. The kids got into their little pool, we had the sprinklers going, we had BBQ's, and we used our air conditioning. I'm so thankful we have the A/C, it's a nice reprieve from the heat and sun. I'm not complaining about the sun...I just want spring weather before jumping right into summer!
So, our hot days have ended and now we are enjoying temps in the mid 70's and it's lovely. I'm thankful for a nice steady breeze and having the windows and doors opened up tonight. There is something peaceful about relaxing with a breeze blowing and the sun setting.
I would like to share a picture- my Grandma turned 91 today. We took her flowers and a cake and had a mini party for her in her home with her fellow residents. 91. Wow!

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