Saturday, May 26, 2012


Today I'm thankful for three day weekends!! I had a productive but fun and relaxing day today. I'm looking forward to church tomorrow and whatever else this holiday weekend brings us. The weather is supposedly going to be great through next week so I am sure the kids will be outside all day, everyday. We went for a walk today and that was great. They sure enjoy our walks! Today we not only jumped over the cracks in the road, but we counted them too. :) It's always a mini adventure when we three set out together.
I realized something this week. I'm actually thankful to be single and to be enjoying the single life. I feel like there is more growing, changing, experiencing, and learning I am supposed to do before I start dating or meet someone. I like that idea. God has a plan for me and for my kids and I don't know what it is or His timing and I am totally ok with that! That being said, who knows- I may meet Mr. Right tomorrow and go from there. Only God knows what's in store for me. :)
Have I mentioned that I love my job? Who knew that two hours of my day would make me so happy and have such an impact in my life? I have really enjoyed these kids and am sad that some of them will be moving to middle school. And I'm thrilled that some of my parenting skills have rubbed off with kids at school and some of my school skills have rubbed off at home. It's great!! It also helps that I have great co-workers who are a blast to work with. We have a good time and I'm blessed by them each day.
As I was typing up some forms as part of some volunteer work I'm doing, I realized that if we hadn't moved here, went through a divorce and changed our lifestyle, I would not be volunteering at the Pregnancy Resource Center, I wouldn't be invoked in Awana, I probably wouldn't even be very active in the kids' schools. My life in TN was very self centered and I didn't step outside of my comfort zone often. But here I am a different person. I changed when I gave my heart and life back to God. Best decision ever. I feel so fulfilled in everything I do and I wouldn't change it for the world.

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