Saturday, May 12, 2012


This past week was go-go-go for me. It was such a fun week though! I volunteered in Zane's class, got recognized at his school assembly for my volunteering, did Claire's field day at her school with her, went to lunch with my friend (without kids!), read a good book, shopped, and enjoyed some quality time with my kiddos outside and in. Whew!
I'm thankful that even though I'm busy a lot of the time, I have been able to spend time with the kids. No distractions, just time spent together or one on one. That has been on my heart for a couple weeks now and I prayed for ways to change what I do. I realized I was getting so caught up with email, texts, facebook and such, and it was taking away from time and full attention being spent with my kids. I don't want them to feel that there is something on my phone or computer that is more important to them. I want them to know and always remember how much I love them, how much I enjoy their company and how important they are to me. I'm happy that some of the changes I have made in the past week have produced positive outcomes and also really made up my mind about various things I was being indecisive about. I'm so thankful for perspective and the ability to put priorities back in their rightful places.
I mentioned that I had lunch with my friend, sans kids. That was actually today and it was so great! We went to a cute little place in town- a very grown up place- and ate very grown up food. The food was good but the conversation was the best. (I'm not gonna lie though...the tiramisu was pretty good.) I am continually thankful for God's guidance to grow into this community which, in turn, enabled me to meet people and make new friends. Jen, my friend I went to lunch with, is a blessing and I am thankful for her friendship. I value the connection we have through our faith, the fact that we are both moms trying to navigate life with stubborn girls (and one boy), and also our almost identical likes and dislikes in books, music and movies. God is so faithful to answer prayers. I prayed for a friend here who I could connect with and that is exactly what I got!
This last bit might sound odd but it's how I feel. I am completely and so entirely thankful that I got divorced and moved back to WA. I cannot list all the reasons right now but it is incredible to think of all the things I have in my life now that would have never existed had I stayed married in TN. I get subtle and not so subtle reminders from time to time of how great my life is when speaking with my ex-husband, or reminiscing about my life in TN and also looking forward and "day dreaming" about what God has in store for me and my kids. Life is truly better when you let Him lead you and trust His timing.

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