Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Day

I had one of those days you feel like a failure as a parent. The kids wouldn't listen, I did a lot of disciplining, and we could all have been in happier moods. I'm thankful that tomorrow is a new day and we can make it a better one.
I know my kids love me and they know I love them. Days like today are just hard.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow and our week ahead. I think I need to start spending one on one time with the kids again. Special times for just us. Those times are special to me and I know they each love having my full, undivided attention. Time to start planning some mom/son and mom/daughter dates. :)
Changing topics parents went away this weekend, to Lincoln City, OR. They are celebrating 35 users of marriage tomorrow. They enjoyed walking on the beach, shopping, good food and ocean views. I'm so happy they got to spend time with each other without all the everyday stuff in the way. They got home today and the kids were jumping up and down on the front porch as they pulled in the driveway. They clearly missed their Nana and Papa. My parents brought back all kinds of gifts for the kids and a cozy new hoodie for me. The hit of the trip was the pirate gear the kids got. :)

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