Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring colds

Today I realized I have a little bit of a spring cold. I'm thankful for this information because it means my allergies have died down significantly. The past few weeks have been so brutal, allergy wise. I basically wanted to scratch out my eyeballs all day. Ugh! I will take a mild cold any day.
Our weekend was fun and relaxing yet productive. I got a lot of cleaning done and the kids got to play outside all day, both days! I'm thankful that they are comfortable enough, now, to go outside and play by themselves. Last year they wouldn't go outside without one of us with them. It's been so nice to just let them go and play!
Last night I watched most of an Adele concert online "with" my BFF Randi. She lives in San Mateo, CA and we haven't seen each other since her wedding, last July. I miss her so much but most of our almost 13 year friendship has been spent long distance. Which sucks but it's the norm. I love her like my own sister and I'm SO thankful to have a friend who has seen me through good times, bad times, weird times and crazy times. We may be almost complete opposites but we couldn't be a better pair. :)

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