Friday, May 18, 2012


Tonight I am thankful for bedtime....for my kids. Not because it was a bad day or a long day. Not because I needed a break from them or they were misbehaving. Today was an awesome day and I enjoyed every minute of it with them. :)
I'm thankful that I have time in the evening to just spend alone. I have always enjoyed my alone time, even growing up. When I was married I enjoyed it less often but it was good because I had someone to spend time with. I am sure I will have that again, someday. But for now, I really love my evenings alone or, on rare occasions, in the company of my parents.
After the kids went to bed tonight I did some catch up in my read-the-Bible -in-a-year reading plan. I neglected it too long and am playing catch up now. But, the way I see it is, at least I started it up again. :)
I also watched a movie, which I don't do often. Most nights I would prefer to read than to watch tv or a movie. But I felt like some action tonight, so I put The Dark Knight in. I love that movie. Well, I love (almost) all the Batman movies. He is my fav. Especially played by Christian Bale. :)

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